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We are an independent podcast and entertainment outlet. The ability for us to release new material (and even have this website) is dependent upon donations from our listener community.

We produce a ton of BONUS shows that are available only on our Patreon site and feed. Please check out those details below, and take a trip over to Patreon to show your support.

100 gTunes Logo.jpg

100 gTunes: Gerald counts down his Top 100 Songs of All-Time, 10 spots at a time in this exclusive series.

Future versions of this series will include 1980s, 1990s and Cover Songs editions.


My First Time: Gerald and a special guest watch and comment on a popular movie franchise for the very first time.  

So far, we have covered or scheduled Halloween, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and 50 Shades of Grey.

Almost Famous MASTERPEAS.png

MasterPeas Theatre: Gerald and another super fan guest(s) give a full retrospective of some of their favorite films of all time.


Movie Reviews: Since Gerald only gets to talk about current films once or twice per year on the main show, he records his rapid reactions to some new releases in a mini-series on Patreon. These will also start to be in text format on our blog.


Commentary Tracks: Gerald watches a Patron selected film and records real time commentary, which can also be played back while watching the movie (think Blu-Ray director's commentary).


V.I.Peas: COMING SOON.  Gerald will countdown his Top 5 Songs from some of his favorite specific artists' catalogs, while also accepting submissions from Patrons and doing theirs.


As a Patreon supporter, not only will you get all this exclusive content, but you will also receive all episodes of our main show WEEKS in advance, exclusive watch parties, access to YouTube content, exclusive group chats, etc.  Literally too much stuff to mention.  And, by the way you get all of this for as little as $1 per month.  Visit us on Patreon today!

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